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"David is an accomplished, passionate and award-winning creative.  However, what sets David apart is his ability to understand the strategic aims and commercial challenges behind the creative projects he works on.  David is brilliant at understanding the role design plays in increasing user engagement, improving sales conversion or simply wow-ing customers.  David led several product launches and major projects during my time at Future Publishing, many of which went on to win company and industry accolades.  Since opening my own consultancy firm, David was the first designer I turned to for assistance with several clients and (naturally) in the creation of my company logo." 
Nial Ferguson, Director, Nial Ferguson Consulting / Sourcepoint UK / Shortlist Limited. Previously Managing Director at Future Publishing (August 2018).

"I've just seen our brand new GQ Watch Guide 2020... Everyone here at GQ loves how it looks - you did such a great job. Thanks very much for all of your work on it, it's been an absolute pleasure collaborating with you and I look forward to the next edition in 2021."
Charlie Burton, Editor, GQ Watch Guide

"David’s work for British GQ as Contributing Art Director has been excellent. His enthusiasm for impactful creative and crafted typography is infectious, and his professional and calm approach when under pressure is a real asset. He works well with my design and editorial team, and is never shy of offering a voice or opinion. I’m happy to recommend David for any client project or design management position, print or digital or both!  Now, make sure you send me that cheque, Dave."
Paul Solomons, Creative Director, British GQ + GQ Style (May 2020)

"I’ve worked with David for many (many!) years across numerous projects. In fact, when I was Editorial Director at Future Publishing and had my pick of 30 designers, it was David I would turn to first. His attitude, talent and ability to turn a spark of an idea into a fully-formed and fantastic-looking product were second to none. His grasp of a brief is extraordinary and his positive attitude and appetite for the new continues to impress. David is always my first choice designer for a project and I would not hesitate to recommend him." 
Aubrey Day, Content Manager, Netflix (February 2019)

"David is a talented creative who is as comfortable in a traditional agency environment as he is as part of a virtual team working remotely on a digital project or brand. He's a quick learner and can apply his skills quickly and efficiently regardless of medium. His work at Future, Condé Nast, Immediate and Hearst has been ground-breaking and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for social media adds a valuable promotional element to everything he does. As a design consultant to our premium exhaust manufacturing company, Good Fabrications, David's costs were reasonable, he delivered on time and he immediately bonded with anyone he worked with. In short, he's a great professional.  Recommended."
Neil Morgan, Managing Director, Good Fabrications. (September 2018)

"Even if you're only just thinking about developing an online experience you need to find time in David's diary. Without his knowledge, practical approach and sheer optimism for Adobe's mobile app solution, we would not have our Corporate Finance app for the Institute Of Chartered Accountants, at all. Always willing to push the digital and creative barriers to make a product shine, David can play an essential role in any creative project and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any client project or design role." 
Ewan Buck, Design Director, Progressive, London (April 2017). 

"David set the design tone for the launch of our new Den Of Geek magazine at Dennis Publishing. He was intuitive, creative and highly efficient, and the designs, font and imagery choices he provided were perfect for our launch. David's absolutely one of the best creatives I've ever worked with and I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!"
Rosie Fletcher, Editor, Den of Geek, Dennis Publishing (June 2019)

"At Zone, I found David to be a fantastic all-round creative with fresh ideas, a strong work ethic and the technical skills to help us deliver on any challenge thrown at us by Manchester United, Chelsea, Pepsi, or AS Roma. Whether it was planning a photoshoot, designing a big interview or feature, creating a range of merchandise (including football kits for Roma!) or overseeing a complete magazine redesign for United or Chelsea, he could be relied upon to deliver above and beyond the brief. I have often called on David's services since for design consultancy for various illustrated book projects, and he is of course, your go-to-person for all your digital design needs. Highly recommended!" 
Justyn Barnes, Editor, Zone (January 2016)

"David designed and developed a brand new website for our Interopa Sport division. He also created a fresh new Interopa Sport brand extension. The site looks current, fresh, unique, on brand, and more importantly has provided us with the ideal selling tool for our Football Club hospitality business, across desktop, tablet and mobile. We are delighted with the results, and of course won't hesitate to invite David and his designers to assist on further projects." 
James Cuttica, Managing Director, Interopa Holidays (December 2018)

"David is a superb art director who I've collaborated with for many years. He's designed launch titles, and worked for a multitude of established and well known media brands. Recently David has been supporting my work as a filmmaker, and he has designed an excellent variety of promotional posters and social media collateral for my short films. David’s always full of relevant ideas, completely dedicated, and a pleasure to work with."
Nev Pierce, Director (Ghosted, Promise) and Editor, Empire + Total Film. (February 2020)

"Huge thanks to David for being so knowledgeable, helpful and full of information about Adobe's AEM Mobile offering - we're in a far better place than we were before, and now we are looking forward to creating a whole host of new digital products for our healthcare clients, across all devices and platforms." 
Nick Hembury, Client Services, Sudler & Hennessey (July 2016)

"Coaching, guiding and inspiration, David was the design and technology force behind the launch of our digital division's suite of content apps. From DPS and AEM Mobile training to best-practice and UX/UI design, he offered a complete creative and digital app solution for the move to mobile for our music products - this guy bleeds pixels!" 
Brad Merrett, Creative Director, Team Rock / Future (October 2016)

"I worked with David when Hearst were migrating the Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Men's Health and Elle magazine apps on to a new platform, Adobe DPS. David re-designed all our original digital editions - enhancing from a flat PDF replica to a fully-interactive version whilst also creating marketing designs and advertising to encourage subscriptions and decrease drop off – clearly understanding the commercial objectives. I'd recommend David to anyone looking for a fresh creative perspective for their digital offering." 
Jane Shackleton, Head of Marketing,  Hearst UK (June 2016)

"The whole process of delivering a digital app for our client had me on the edge of my seat and I was very relieved when Hicks Design found the right solution. David was so creative, patient and supportive throughout the whole process. Thanks a million." 
Frank Lynch, Visucom (Geneva) (July 2016)

"During the development of the commercial model for digital products at Hearst UK, it was very important to have a talented and knowledgeable creative on hand. David was that person. He helped me to understand this new ad space, the opportunities available and the challenges that designers faced - and he did all this with great patience." 
Allan Tinkler, Advertising Director,  Digital Products, Hearst UK (June 2016)

"David is an amazing art director, and an even better person! He's always on hand to give out useful and accurate advice (despite his usually hectic schedule!) and I learned a great deal from him at Mindshare. Thanks for everything David, it's really appreciated." 
Bertan Budak, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific region, Mindshare (Jan 2015)

"Flair comes naturally to David's work and his unerring grasp of how to design, layout and improve content is invaluable. I worked alongside David on the Sky Movies and Odeon Cinemas accounts, I can't think of an editorial medium that David doesn't excel in. He is also a marvellous collaborator, team player, never shy of offering creative inspiration to others, and always open to new concepts and unique approaches." 
Richard Matthews, Development Manager, Rural Media (December 2015)

"Thank you David, so much, for the time you put into assisting us with our digital healthcare app project. The presentation you created for us worked so well, and will serve as a useful guide for our revised content and strategy changes. We really do appreciate your expertise and boundless enthusiasm. It makes such a difference to get advice from someone with so much experience." 
Georgia Smith, Scott PR (April 2018)
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